Strengthen our workforce diversity

As a global company, we’re proud of our employees’ cultural diversity. Our employees speak some 70 languages, represent more than 99 nationalities and work in 40 countries. This diversity provides us with a truly global perspective on business issues and a better grasp of local cultures and mobility needs. It helps drive our competitive advantage and fuel innovation.

Our commitment to employee diversity and equal opportunity is captured in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. It is also reflected in our diverse Human Resources policies implemented daily at our 76 production and engineering sites worldwide.


Diversity and inclusion strategy

To align our Aerospace group’s diversity efforts, we developed a multi-year diversity and inclusion strategy. The strategy is guided by an active Diversity Steering Committee composed of senior leaders and a Working Committee representing all Aerospace sites.
The strategy focuses on three key areas:

  • For our workforce, we strive to ensure our employee population is demographically diverse in a way that reflects the communities in which we operate.
  • In our workplace, we work to create an inclusive culture that recognizes and appreciates employees’ differences and diverse talents.
  • In the marketplace, we position the organization to meet the needs of a diverse customer and partner population.

We also continue to provide learning and networking events and initiatives to help develop women within our Aerospace group. This includes networking, mentoring and coaching opportunities, discussion forums and conferences, community involvement and training, all proven incubators for development.

We’re also targeting our future pipeline of women by revisiting our talent acquisition policies and practices. Initiatives to fill this pipeline include:

  • holding high visibility university recruitment activities
  • partnering with the Women in Aerospace Association of Canada
  • participating in events and conferences such as the Society for Women in Engineering
  • visiting local high schools to promote early awareness of aerospace career opportunities

In 2012, a major awareness campaign will be launched among Aerospace leadership teams to enhance their knowledge of the competitive advantage created by:

  • fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment
  • leveraging a diverse workforce to drive teamwork, innovation and efficiency
  • developing an inclusive leadership style

Aerospace: Talent Acceleration Pool

Our Talent Acceleration Pool (TAP) process will help us increase women in management in our Aerospace group to 25% by 2014. Women in management increased from 16.8% in fiscal 2010 to 19% as of December 2011.

The proportion of women in our TAP program reached 34% in fiscal 2011, accelerating these employees' access to leadership positions. We’re leveraging stretch jobs/assignments, special projects, feedback and coaching to fast-track high potential female employees. In turn, these women participated in our new Diversity Forum, helping us recruit and coach other future female leaders.


Female Engineering Network

Our ongoing objective is also to recruit and retain more female engineers in our Transportation group. Among other benefits, female engineers enhance our ability to design mobility solutions that meet the needs of female passengers.

Our cross-functional Female Engineering Network (FEN), created in April 2008, is helping us make Bombardier a more exciting and attractive place for women to work. By promoting gender diversity, FEN improves our teams’ strength and ability to innovate. It also expands our pool of prospective employees while helping us retain current employees.


Today this network connects more than 140 women in 20 different sites with membership increasing year over year. Members:

  • receive specialized training
  • participate in conferences and campus fairs
  • engage in industry networks to share best practices
  • advance education in technical fields

FEN is also engaged in a mentoring program which chiefly works with young women from the Global Graduate Program. Our objective is to make FEN available to all female engineers at Bombardier.

FEN is also working with STARS South Africa to provide career advice and support to underprivileged young women who are interested in studying engineering.


Women in Leadership Network

Another initiative that strengthens gender diversity is the Women in Leadership (WiL) Network. The WiL Network provides support, development and growth opportunities to women at all levels of our Pittsburgh facilities in our Systems division. We’re currently working on plans to expand the WiL Network to other Transportation sites and countries.

Focus on gender diversity


All Bombardier


Percentage of Women in the Workforce
Percentage of Women in Management (Managers and Up)


On November 30, 2011, The Board of Directors approved the change of our financial year-end from January 31 to December 31, effective December 31, 3011.

Gender diversity is essential to our long-term growth and success. That's why we continue to take decisive steps to increase the number of women in leadership positions across our organization.

Addressing demographic change

In several countries where we operate, declining birth rates intensify competition for skilled young workers. At the same time, our current workforce is aging.

As employees retire, we must ensure that we safeguard our valuable knowledge base. We’re addressing the "age gap" to effectively share expertise between generations by:

  • strengthening our succession planning process
  • developing plans to accommodate future workforce needs in light of demographic shifts
  • facilitating interaction between younger and older employees to transfer knowledge
  • selectively introducing progressive retirement programs
  • improving our analytics to better reflect our business strategies and global workforce needs

We’re also committed to supporting the employability of our employees and assisting them in managing their career endings. This includes helping them relocate to other business units whenever feasible. Other support services include:

  • career consulting and psychological counselling servicess
  • assistance in relocating to other companies
  • financial support for training programs to address skill gaps
  • continued medical insurance coverage for three months after leaving Bombardier

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