Hiring Locally

Increasing our Local Workforce in Morocco

Over the past year we’ve increased our local hiring in Morocco to support the ongoing growth of our operations for subassembly of aircraft. In February 2013, we began operations with 19 local employees. Since then, we’ve completed our first delivery of a CRJ aircraft component and have more than quadrupled our local workforce to 112 employees. In 2014, we expect to complete construction of a new manufacturing facility; and by the end of 2020, we expect our operations to grow to 850 employees.

A critical part of our Grow Local Roots strategy is to hire local talent. This is enormously beneficial both for our business and for the communities in which we operate. Hiring locally helps us:

  • Decrease the personal costs associated with transferring large numbers of expatriates to other markets
  • Lower our overall cost of operation by reducing time, travel and other expenses
  • Leverage local knowledge to improve decision-making
  • Identify and capitalize on local business opportunities
  • Diversify our thinking and workforce
  • Create new jobs and strengthen local economies

Global Recruitment

Training Rail Engineers in Thailand

Over the past years we have hired more than 30 graduates of Kasetsart University, in Thailand, several of whom have risen to managerial positions. This success led us to create a more formal partnership with the University in 2013. Over the next five years, our experts will lecture on advanced signaling technology, help to develop signaling and train control curricula, and contribute to scholarly research at the University. Through this partnership, we hope not only to contribute to the advancement of rail education, but also to grow our pipeline of local talent for Bombardier in Thailand.

Finding the right talent around the world can be a challenge. In 2013, we started to optimize our recruiting processes. We realized we were often reactive in our recruiting efforts, and shifted to a more proactive talent identification process. To recruit talent in key markets – particularly Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, India, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia – we now employ several proactive practices, including:

  • Social Media: We are increasing our use of social media channels to more efficiently identify prospective candidates outside of our home markets.
  • Global Employee Referral Program: In 2013, we launched the Global Employee Referral program, through which we offer Bombardier employees financial incentives to refer qualified candidates for employment. The program helps us tap the resources we have in our existing employee networks to find the great talent we need to grow. We believe our employees are the best ambassadors to promote Bombardier.

Workforce Development

Much of the work that we do requires engineers or other highly-skilled technical workers. There is a growing shortage of these types of employees and we often find it challenging to identify the resources that we need in many of our markets. Therefore to hire locally, we often need to help local workers develop the skills they need to become future Bombardier employees.

We frequently engage with universities to identify and/or train local talent to help meet our growing needs. In 2013, we signed agreements with the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and Kasetsart University in Bangkok to help train the next generation of skilled Bombardier employees. We also maintain a strong relationship with the Institut des Métiers de L’Aéronautique in Casablanca to help train aircraft assemblers for our site in Morocco.

Looking Ahead

As we continue with our Grow Local Roots strategy, we will enhance our processes and partnerships to find the right talent everywhere we operate. Specifically, we will:

  • Maintain existing partnerships and create new ones with local universities to train and recruit skilled talent.
  • Optimize our recruitment practices by increasing our use of social media, promoting our Global Employee Referral program and exploring new methods to facilitate local recruitment.
  • Focus on recruiting and developing local managers and executives that can serve as leaders in our markets and at Bombardier overall.
  • Leverage our partnerships with organizations such as the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace to improve our recruitment activities and training processes.

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