Supply Chain

2013 Accomplishments

  • We conducted 65 spot-checks (up from 22 in 2012), 20 internal audits and three third-party audits. No relevant breach of our Code of Conduct was reported.
  • We convened three workshops to help our suppliers improve their CSR performance.

Our suppliers are an essential part of our business. Our success in creating leading mobility solutions depends on integrating thousands of well-designed and manufactured technologies from other innovators.

As we continue to grow as a company and create new, innovative and more environmentally-conscious products, our supply chain will evolve and be incorporated into our operations and strategy in a larger capacity.

We are committed to maintaining transparent, respectful and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers. We are also dedicated to working with our suppliers to help them improve their own CSR performance and grow as successful businesses. The quality of our products and the success of our own business depend on it.

Supply chain management at Bombardier is overseen by the Chief Procurement Officer at Transportation and the Vice President, Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer at Aerospace.

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