Supply Chain

2012 in Review

  • For the first time, we provided procurement managers across our enterprise with tools and training that enabled them to complete CSR spot-checks of key suppliers. In this pilot year, they conducted 22 spot-checks.
  • We convened two workshops to help our suppliers further improve their CSR performance.

Our suppliers are essential to the success of our business. Creating tomorrow’s mobility solutions depends on integrating hundreds of thousands of well-designed and manufactured parts and technologies from other innovators. As we grow as a company and create new, innovative, and more energy-efficient products, our supply chain continuously evolves and suppliers become increasingly incorporated into our operations and our strategy.

We are committed to maintaining transparent, respectful, and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers. We are also dedicated to working with our suppliers to help them improve their own CSR performance and grow as successful businesses. The quality of our products and the success of our own business depend on it.

Supply chain management at Bombardier is overseen by the Chief Procurement Officer at Transportation and the Vice President, Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer at Aerospace, each of whom report directly into the Presidents of Transportation and Aerospace, respectively.

Our Objectives

What we said we’d do in 2012

What we did in 2012


Train our high potential procurement managers on CSR

Nearly all of our high-potential procurement managers received CSR training this year. Transportation managers received training through the European Institute of Purchasing Management and Aerospace managers received training and information through internal meetings and external CSR events. 

Further implement the compliance program for the Supplier Code of Conduct for Aerospace suppliers

We took several actions to enhance our monitoring of suppliers’ compliance with the Code, the most significant of which was training our procurement team to enable them to do CSR spot-checks as part of their regular visits to our strategic suppliers. We conducted spot-checks at 9 Aerospace suppliers this year.

Conduct more on-site CSR spot-checks of Transportation suppliers

We conducted spot-checks of 13 suppliers. No violations of the Supplier Code of Conduct were discovered.

Lead in the development of a common rail industry-wide approach to management systems and on-site audits of suppliers

We worked with the Association of the European Rail Industry (UNIFE) to move this forward and in 2013 succeeded in finalizing a clear quality management auditing policy for the industry.


Objectives for 2013

  • Play a leadership role within the International Aerospace Environmental Group to implement an industry-level process on chemical reporting and compliance to chemical regulations (like REACH)
  • Ensure the approximately 80 newly-named Transportation master vendors adhere to the Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Identify critical suppliers to be audited by a third party and perform audits by 2014

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